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Expert car advice and recommendations from the largest editorial team in Malaysia. provides ratings and reviews and test drives to help you decide on the right car to buy. Our experts provide car video, photo galleries, rankings, and car specifications that help you make the right choice when buying or selling a car.
AD: CARPUT Roadside Assistance

AD: CARPUT Roadside Assistance

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The automotive landscape in Malaysia lacks reliability, transparency and is often confusing. In other words, there was little empathy towards customers who may be stranded, rushing, and left with no other options. In fact, many would argue that these... Signs MoU With Motonation Signs MoU With Motonation

Auto News has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Motonation. The agreement will eventually see as the Platinum Sponsor for this year's Motonation event. The MoU was signed between Jonathan Adams, the Chief Marketing...
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