4 Ways To Boost Your Engine Performance

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4 Ways To Boost Your Engine Performance

A sensible car for our commute to work and run our mundane errands is a financially rational decision. But there will be times where we're in the mood for spirited drives. The sudden open roads with no traffic the weekend twisties up Genting or Ulu Yam. That’s when you’ll demand your daily commuter to have more POWER.

So in this article, we’ll share 4 tips on how you can boost the engine performance of your daily commuter without breaking the bank.

The engine air filter is vital to provide the cleanest air for your engine's combustion. The difference between the standard air filter (that came with your car from the factory) & a performance air filter can be summarised in the table below:

Upgrade to Performance Air Filters


Standard Air Filter

Performance Air Filters

Product Focus

Removing particles in air before entering the engine

Removing particles in air before entering the engine while maximizing air flow for combustion

Washability & longevity

Not washable

Washable & reusable at least 4 times longer than standard air filters

Independent testing estimates performance air filters do improve acceleration by around 2 to 3%, which is minuscule for the average driver, but it’s still recommended as performance air filters are relatively cheap at around RM100 to buy online (depending on your car model), which makes this an easy recommendation. 

Invest in Quality Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a crucial part of your engine. They work by igniting the air & fuel mixture to create combustion to power the engine.

There are 3 common types of spark plugs, ranked from least to best:

  1. Copper
  2. Platinum
  3. Iridium

Generally speaking, Iridium spark plugs are the ones you want to upgrade to, as they are the most durable & the most precise to spark ignition at a precise time for maximum power & fuel efficiency.

A set of 4 decent Iridium spark plugs may run you around RM150 to buy online (depending on your car model).

Lighten Your Car’s Load

Unnecessary weight will put a strain on your engine in the long run & generally slows you down as the engine has to work harder to lug all that weight around.

To maximise the acceleration of your engine, remove as much weight as possible.

Check out your trunk/boot & leave dead weight at home (bags, that steering lock that you never use & various random stuff).

Apart from decluttering, changing to lighter rims will also help acceleration. But the steep cost of alloys (over thousands of RM) makes this a hard recommendation for regular drivers.

So it’s time for some spring cleaning!

Change to a High Performance Engine Oil

There are plenty of moving mechanical parts in an internal combustion engine & the engine oil's job is to:

  1. Lubricate and reduce friction between moving mechanical parts
  2. Control from overheating
  3. Clean the engine from microscopic deposits

This is why regular and timely engine oil changes as per the manufacturer’s guidelines are recommended. Also, if power is what you seek, then we recommend Shell Helix Power 5W-40.

Shell Helix Power 5W-40 is formulated with Shell PurePlus Technology, which is made from 99.5% pure base oil1 from natural gas. Shell Helix is also the motor oil trusted and recommended by Scuderia Ferrari.

This super premium fully synthetic engine oil is particularly suitable for high power and performance vehicles as well as suitable for a wide range of modern gasoline and diesel passenger cars (without diesel particulate filters). Also, as the product is carbon neutral2, you can choose a more sustainable choice without compromising high engine performance and engine protection.

Shell Helix Power 5W-40 is now available at participating Shell branded and independent workshops, where the recommended retail price for 4L pack in Peninsular Malaysia is RM280.00, while in East Malaysia it is RM280.80.

For a limited time, you will get a FREE Shell Helix Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker with every purchase of Shell Helix Power 0W-40, Shell Helix Power 5W-40, or Shell Helix Protect 0W-30 4L pack at any participating outlets, while stocks last.

1Based on paraffinic hydrocarbon content in the base oil using PurePlus Technology.

2The CO2e emissions of the lifecycle of this product have been compensated for with verified carbon credits. CO2 compensation is not a substitute for switching to lower emission energy solutions or reducing the use of fossil fuels. Carbon credits are purchased and retired to compensate the calculated lifecycle CO2e emissions of the product. Although these carbon credits have been generated in accordance with international carbon standards, the compensation may not be exact.

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