8.6 Million Traffic Summonses Settled!

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8.6 Million Traffic Summonses Settled!

Malaysians love a good bargain, so when PDRM announced a summons discount in conjunction with the 100-Day Keluarga Malaysia Aspirasi Programme, they responded in kind - settling a total of 8.6 Million summons! 

According to IGP, Tan Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah this was proof that the discount was well received by the public, seeing as how a total of 12.2 Million summonses were paid throughout 2021. 

Diskaun saman PDRM 100 Hari Aspirasi Keluarga MalaysiaThe traffic summons discount period was extended from December 12 to 31 due to overwhelming response.

"This showed that the public really took advantage of the discount offer to settle their outstanding summons,” he told reporters after visiting the Kampung Jongok Batu on-site control post (PKTK) on Saturday (Jan 1) as reported by The Star. 

The discount period from December 9 - 31, 2021 will, however, not be extended so for those of you who missed this window of opportunity, you'll just have to wait for the next one. 



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