CES 2023: The BMW i Vision Dee wants to be your 'digital companion'

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CES 2023: The BMW i Vision Dee wants to be your 'digital companion'

The BMW i Vision Dee was recently unveiled at CES 2023 together with a promo video featuring the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bridging the gap closer between man and machine, the Dee part which stands for "Digital Emotional Experience" is aimed to 'create an even stronger bond between people and their cars going forward'. Quite a story, this BMW i Vision Dee.

Curate up to 32 exterior colours

bmw i vision dee ces 2023 launch

The colour-changing car concept is nothing new to BMW as they've already unveiled the E Ink technology on the BMW iX Flow. This time around with the BMW i Vision Dee concept, it's no longer just black or white but the ability to transform up to 32 different exterior colours instantly.

It's a part of the concept's attraction points which appeals to the idea of human-like interactions as well as the enhancements of the relationship between the owner and the car. Kinda like KITT from Knight Rider, which also made a special appearance in the BMW i Vision Dee promo video together with his partner-in-crime, David Hasselhoff.

Extended BMW Head-Up Display across the windscreen

bmw i vision dee ces 2023 launch

One of the features on the BMW i Vision Dee that will make its way to future production models starting in 2025 is the enhanced BMW Head-Up-Display that spans across the entire width of the windscreen. This particular spec will be included in the brand's next-gen vehicles under the Neue Klasse segment.

The BMW i Vision Dee, however, took things to a whole new level thanks to its very intelligent and human-like interaction capabilities which are described more like a companion to the owners rather than just an advanced voice-control feature.

According to Frank Weber, management board member of BMW AG for development, "A BMW lives by its unparalleled digital performance. BMW i Vision Dee is about the perfect integration of virtual and physical experiences. Whoever excels at integrating the customer’s everyday digital worlds into the vehicle at all levels will succeed in mastering the future of car-building."

Other highlights include the BMW Mixed Reality Slider for more customised digital content on the instrument panel, dimmable windows that mixes reality with the digital world by 'creating a new dimension' within the car's interior, and of course, the physical-yet-digital closed BMW kidney grille and headlights that offer 'different facial expressions'.

Hard to put into words, but the conversation between the BMW i Vision Dee and Arnold Schwarzenegger should help to explain things a little bit better.

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