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Christmas Holiday Edition: 8 Gift Ideas For A Woman Who Drives

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Christmas Holiday Edition: 8 Gift Ideas For A Woman Who Drives

What do you buy for the woman who drives, especially for Christmas 2021?

A new car, right? Imagine how happy she’ll be when she sees that new car in the driveway, with a big red bow on top. If a new car isn’t in your budget, don’t fret. There are still plenty of gifts that will put a smile on her face. 

Whether there’s a mom on your list who spends hours en route to work and child care, a dedicated road-tripper who loves hitting the open road, or a daredevil who loves off-roading and lives life in the fast lane, here are 8 gift ideas for the car loving woman (or women) in your life. 

1. Handheld vacuum  

Yes, giving a lady a cleaning appliance might send the wrong message, but a strong suction, cordless vacuum is a great tool for getting into tight spots. This is sure to leave her smiling. Plus, it’s compact enough to store in the back seat of her car. Super convenient!  

No matter what messy business the kids, pets or any passenger are up to in the car, calm Mama will not turn into crazy Mama because she knows she can handle it with the help of a good handheld vacuum.  

2. A box of zen  

Stock her car with an assortment of goodies, such as a meditation playlist for those times she’s stuck in traffic and can use a little peace before the chaos ensues. If she’s on the road alone for hours at a time, an aromatherapy diffuser is good company.  

With the pandemic still looming around us, several luxury travel-size hand creams, pocket sanitizers and three-ply masks will easily fit in the centre console or glove box, and will keep her protected while on the go.  

3. Road side emergency kit  

Being prepared is the key to being safe. Get the lady in your life a roadside emergency kit, so she’ll be ready for those mishaps no one wants to manage. Besides the standard items like flares, jumper cables and gloves, also consider an emergency kit with a hammer that includes a seat belt cutting tool.

You’ll find the emergency kit for various prices in various stores, either online or offline. It would be great to attach a how-to note with the kit so that she knows the function of each tool.  

4. Car insurance  

Know someone who does a lot of driving on her own? Chances are you won’t always be available if her car breaks down. Consider paying her car insurance as a gift, hence providing both of you peace of mind by making sure help is just a phone call away, anytime of the day.  

5. Airbed with built-in pump  

Have a friend that combines road-tripping with camping? Get her up off the hard ground with an airbed that includes a built-in pump for fast inflation and deflation. The interior construction of an airbed contours to your body shape and provides firmness and support, even in the wilderness. Plus, it’s not heavy to carry around (when deflated) and easy to store in the car with her.  

Your road-tripper friend will thank you for this.  

6. Gift cards for pit stops  

Not sure what she needs most? There are plenty of gift card options out there that work for car centric women. If she’s on the road often, consider a gas card. Or is there a favorite place she likes to eat while traveling via RnR? Maybe a Mcdonald's, Subway or other restaurant gift cards could be the ticket to her heart.  

For me, a Starbucks gift card is the best - this girl has to have her tea! And as busy as most of us are, washing the car is something best left to the professionals. A gift card to the local car wash will be a welcome gift for any car owner. Actually, you’re spoiled with choices when it comes to gift cards, so spend away!  

7. Race car driving experience  

For the girl who has the need for speed, a race car driving experience is sure to get her blood pumping. And what better track than Sepang International Circuit!  

Each package includes a coaching lap from an appointed driving coach. Following that, she will get two laps, with a stop at turn 15 for a photo session. And if she doesn’t want to drive, consider the Taxi Ride where she’s riding at top speeds with a professional racing instructor behind the wheel. 

Off-road driving Toyota Hilux Rogue Malaysia

8. Off-road driving experience 

Know a girl who likes to go off road? Give her the off-road driving experience and she’ll love you forever!  

There are many off-road experience driving schools in Malaysia, which provide a unique opportunity to take advantage of the unparalleled capabilities a vehicle can offer. Accompanied by a professional driving instructor, she’ll learn to properly navigate steep ascents and descents, pick the right line on side tilts, and maintain vehicle control in challenging off-road settings.  

Whether she’s an avid enthusiast, seasoned adventurer or curious novice, each lesson will be customized to her individual skill level, so she’ll be assured of facing exciting yet appropriate terrain.  

And, if you’re wondering what I’d like for Christmas, that off-road driving experience will do just fine…the full day session, please. (sending this article to my partner)  

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