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CMCO, Round 2: Klang Valley Gets 29 Roadblocks, 3 Road Closures (So Far)

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CMCO, Round 2: Klang Valley Gets 29 Roadblocks, 3 Road Closures (So Far)

For residents of Klang Valley (Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya), the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) is back to being enforced, which started at midnight today (October 14th) and will run for 2 weeks until October 27th.

As inconvenient as it is, the ‘conditions’ themselves have also been modified from when we last saw them in effect earlier this year. According to the National Security Council, all economic activities are still allowed to operate but, with a few exceptions, can only do so between a window of 6am to 10pm.

These timing restrictions also apply to restaurants, food trucks, roadside stalls, food courts, and sundry shops. There is even more detail given to specific types of trade activities such as wet markets and the like and, for your indulgence, the full list of SOPs and stipulations can be viewed here.

Klang Valley CMCO - October 2020

Closer to home for us motorists, the majority of petrol stations also need to adhere to the 6am to 10pm operation window, though those that are found along highways are allowed to remain continually open throughout 24 hours.

Additionally, public transportation such as buses and light rail (MRT, LRT, ERL, Monorail) will also be allowed to operate, but only between 6am and 12am. However, travel to locations further away such as KLIA, KLIA2, and the Subang Airport will require individual permission from the police.

Klang Valley CMCO - October 2020

Obviously, the main objective of this CMCO is to curb the rising cases of new COVID-19 infections within the Klang Valley. To this end, the government will be enlisting the help of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to enforce road closures and road blocks with the help of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), Malaysia Civil Defence Force (APM), and RELA volunteers.

So far, PDRM has announced these closures and road blocks are to occur on several main thoroughfares that run across district borders. Petaling Jaya police have confirmed 3 road closures in and around Kota Damansara:

  • Persiaran Sungai Buloh (TSB)
  • Persiaran Mahogani (Section 9)
  • Persiaran Jati (Section 8)

These closures apply to public vehicles but will remain accessible to emergency services such as ambulances, the fire department, and even select MBPJ staff. In the map below, the road closures are highlighted in red whereas the alternative routes have been highlighted in green:

  • Jalan Persiaran Kenanga - Tol Kota Damansara
  • Jalan Persiaran Surian - Palm Spring Kota Damansara
  • Jalan Persiaran Tropicana - Casa Tropicana

Klang Valley CMCO - October 2020

It was also announced that a total of 29 police road blocks are confirmed to be erected in various locations around the Klang Valley, though concentrated within the greater Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area. These locations are also likely to change as needed over the course of the next 2 weeks.

Though inter-state travel is prohibited, inter-district travel is technically allowed for work purposes as well as to acquire basic supplies such as groceries with a cap of 2 persons per household. A ‘work from home’ arrangement is encouraged, but for those for whom that does not apply, employees will need to acquire a permit or permission slip issued by their employers, to be presented at these roadblocks. To those who need to travel for other reasons, specific permission from the local police department is required.

Klang Valley CMCO - October 2020

Schools and institutes of higher educated will remain closed, as expected. Physical distancing must always be maintained and the wearing of masks is still compulsory in public areas, yet sporting and recreational activities conducted in the outdoors are still permitted. Again, we refer you to the full list of SOPs published by the National Security Council (linked above) for more details.

Of course, we will be following up with more on the second round of CMCO (KV Edition) as the news comes.

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Jim Kem

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