Digi Launches The AXA FlexiDrive App, Up To 20% Discount On Insurance

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Digi Launches The AXA FlexiDrive App, Up To 20% Discount On Insurance

We are truly living in the era of connected cars. Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd has just launched their 'Digi Connected Cars with AXA FlexiDrive' product, which is aimed to work in tandem with various motor insurance policies. It's essentially a form of telematics that rewards good driving behaviour, and the aim is that good driving behaviour will reward drivers with an up to 20% discount in AXA's FlexiDrive insurance policy.

This kind of system has been implemented overseas to various success, although many motorists aren't particularly keen on the idea of an insurance company judging their every move on the road. Still though, for those who drive in a fairly sedate manner, this can be a big help to get insurance premiums down and promote smoother, safer driving in general.

Via Digi Connected Cars with AXA FlexiDrive, motor owners can get up to 20% safe driving discount, which is dependent on the driver’s behaviour such as speed, mileage and driving style in addition to other benefits such as automatic accident alert and assistance as well as 24/7 vehicle security and theft recovery at no additional premium.

Private vehicle owners can find out more and register their interest for the Digi Connected Cars with AXA FlexiDrive product at any Digi Store nationwide starting today. Upon completion of registration, customers will be contacted and arrangements will be made to install the telematics device in the car.

Installation is free of charge, and customer will only be charged a refundable deposit of RM70. Customers also have the option to activate CSE Smart Track Security for only RM240 per year. This optional feature offers smartphone car alarm, real-time tracking, trip review and accident compensation up to RM2,000,




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