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Finally, new road tax stickers will be introduced this year!

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Finally, new road tax stickers will be introduced this year!

New road tax stickers are underway, as Anthony Loke wants to resolve the issue of low-quality road stickers this year.

Minister of Transport Anthony Loke is one busy bee with countless amounts of official and undercover work to find sources of problems affecting the Malaysian public regarding all things related to transportation.

Anthony Loke, new road tax stickers

The most recent problem that he and his ministry would like to resolve is the issue of low-quality road tax stickers, which has been burdening Malaysian motorists since it was introduced in the early-to-mid 2000s.

According to a posting on his official Facebook, Loke has held a meeting with the top management of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to discuss JPJ's planning for 2023.

One of the issues that Loke would like to resolve is the problem of low-quality road tax stickers, as he knows that many people complain about it. He would like it to be resolved this year!

"Saya tahu ramai orang mengadu berkenaan sticker cukai jalan yang kurang berkualiti. Perkara itu memang dalam perhatian kami dan satu perubahan besar bakal dilaksanakan dalam tahun ini".

Anthony Loke, JPJ 2023

This is probably music to the ears of many motorists, as for many years, the sticker has been burdening the masses as it tends to be hard to install but most importantly, removed. 

The sticker tends to tear away in pieces and leave glue residue when you need to remove it, and it needs surgical precision to install when it needs to be separated from the backing film.

Road tax sticker Malaysia

Loke not only discussed this issue, but he would also like to see JPJ implement digitisation in core services such as vehicle and driver licensing in addition to strengthening the enforcement of traffic laws.

Loke said, the ministry's main agenda is to make things easier for the people, as he wants to avoid seeing people standing in long queues at JPJ offices which inconveniences them.

He wants to plan any implementation of new initiatives carefully and will make an announcement when complete preparations have been made.

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