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Geneva 2019- Nissan Teases IMQ Concept, New Hybrid Tech?

Berita Kereta

Geneva 2019- Nissan Teases IMQ Concept, New Hybrid Tech?

Nissan will be showcasing another concept that “embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility” called the IMQ concept. The brand also hints that this could end up being in your future driveway.

Just six weeks earlier at the Detroit motor show 2019, Nissan unveiled the IMs concept- a high-riding sedan that previews the company’s concept of a high-performance electric powertrain, autonomous driving, and interior hospitality.

It seems like the IMQ will be a crossover concept of the recently unveiled IMs high-riding sedan concept car. They do seem to share the same grey exterior colour with bronze highlights on the top-most portion of the vehicle.

However, initial indicators reveal the IMQ could preview a new e-Power series-hybrid powertrain, as opposed to the IMs which is a fully-electric vehicle.

Full details of the IMQ concept will be made available from March 5th at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2019.   

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