Haval Malaysia Partners Up With Maxx ‘N Go For Mobile Service

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Haval Malaysia Partners Up With Maxx ‘N Go For Mobile Service

Haval Malaysia has teamed up with Maxx ‘N Go – a mobile car maintenance service – to offer on-site periodical maintenance to existing Haval owners as an alternative to visiting Haval’s service center.

BY using Maxx ‘N Go’s mobile app Haval owners will be able to select their location, pick a preferred time, and receive the necessary services for their SUVs. All maintenance services conducted will be conducted using Haval’s in-house brand of lubricants and original parts, all booked via the Maxx ‘N Go mobile application.

Director of Go Auto Group, Dato’ SM Azli SM Nasimuddin added, “We have chosen to include a mobile service provider like Maxx ‘N Go as a service option to help ease the burden on our customers when it comes to the maintenance of their Haval SUVs, without having to sacrifice their free time. Most importantly, our customer need not to worry about voiding their 7-year warranty, as our partner will be using Go Auto’s lubricant and following our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) during service,”

HAVAL Malaysia anticipates Maxx ‘N Go will be able to provide services such as basic engine oil change and breakdown assistance to an around 2,000 existing Haval customers in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur as part of the partnership.

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