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Honda In Talks To Purchase Contract Assembler Yachiyo Industry

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Honda In Talks To Purchase Contract Assembler Yachiyo Industry

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it has signed a basic agreement to begin discussions toward making auto parts maker Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.’s automobile assembly business as a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda.

Yachiyo is an auto parts maker that specializes in compact fuel tanks, sunroofs as well as hydrogen storage tanks for fuel cell vehicles. It also has a division that does contract assembly of specialty, low volume vehicles, mostly for Honda. Think of it as Japan’s version of Austria’s Magna Steyr.

The company’s plant in Yokkaichi currently manufactures two Honda models – the S660 and Acty.

The discussion with Yachiyo is part of a wider move by Honda to consolidate its vehicle manufacturing operations.

Honda has also announced that it will be relocating operations at its Sayama plant to the newer Yorii plant by financial year ending March 2022.

The Sayama plant, opened in 1964 is currently tasked with producing the larger models like the Legend, Accord, Freed, Jade, Odyssey and Step WGN. Honda says the relocation is driven by the need to accommodate electrified drivetrains, which the Yorii plant, opened in 2013, is better equipped to complete.

The Yorii plant currently manufactures the Japanese market Jazz (Fit), HR-V (Vezel), City Hybrid (Grace) and Shuttle – all are compact hybrid models.

Staffs at the Sayama plant will transferred mainly to the Yorii plant. The Yorii plant will also serve a ‘leader plant’ to create, standardize and globally share new production technologies to accommodate new automotive technologies such as electrification technologies, with support from manufacturing staffs from other regions. 

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