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How To Not Be A Victim Of The Fake Datuks Who Stole 126 Luxury Cars


How To Not Be A Victim Of The Fake Datuks Who Stole 126 Luxury Cars

Scam artists are everywhere in the world these days and nowhere is safe, not really. Recently, the police busted a duo who tricked their way into the illegal possession of 126 cars by preying on individuals who wanted to sell their cars over the internet, turning the conversation the safety of conducting business over the internet and the need for channels that emphasise security. 

Last week, Malay Mail Online reported that these two men conned sellers intending to sell their used luxury cars through a popular classifieds website into selling to them after posing as reputable businessmen - introducing themselves as Datuk Seri and Datuk - to lure normal innocent people into a fraudulent deal after obtaining their contact info through the listing. Great reporting on the Malay Mail Online's part, as you can glean from the picture below. 

There's no telling what criminals like these will think of next. And their tactics are getting ever more nefarious, which is why we have to be extra careful about the way we conduct ourselves online. The internet is open, and that's great, but it also means we are equally open and vulnerable to become victims. Don't let that happen. 

What You Can Do

We've got the largest database of dealers (over 1600) for new and used cars in Malaysia at If you are selling your car and are contacted by a seemingly reputable dealer, you can call us up and have their credentials verified. If they are the real deal, will very likely have already linked up with them. We can provide you all the information you need, including the nature of their business as we have collected their Form 24 and Form 49 information as well. 

The way is set up allows for the easiest possible registration process for buyers and sellers/dealers alike. So if we've never heard of them, perhaps you should take pause and think twice. 

If you browse our listings, you'll find that we have tiers to provide you with extra peace of mind in your dealings - example below. You can also call our customer care hotline at 1300-30-4227 for a quick crosscheck on a dealer. 

Trusted - A Trusted seller is recognised by as a genuine business/person who participates in safe and fair trade.

Verified - A Verified seller has provided additional evidence of their identity of by providing their IC or business registration.

Here's the full Malay Mail Online report for your perusal:




Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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