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Lamborghini launches 2024 Urus SE in Malaysia - 800hp PHEV super SUV priced at RM1.028mil

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Lamborghini launches 2024 Urus SE in Malaysia - 800hp PHEV super SUV priced at RM1.028mil

The newest flavour of the off-the-ground Lamborghini has touched down in Malaysia as the Urus SE launches for a price RM1.028 million, excluding taxes, duties, and customisation and now its atop of the range given its elevated power outputs and performance figures.

We first caught a glimpse of the Urus SE as it was unveiled at this years Beijing Motor Show, and its prompt appearance in Kuala Lumpur bodes well to how the Sant’Agata brand perceives our market - it is their most popular model by far.

That said, seeing Lamborghini go the hybrid route is quite the rare occasion, starting with the Sian, a very limited run of V12-powered super cars that also notably lacked the ability to be charged from the mains. It was the Revuelto, however, which really shot the Lamborghini brand into hybrid prominence, signalling an intent to double down on the technology.

With the Urus, the hybrid transition went a lot smoother  and with relatively little development needed by Lamborghini themselves given how much the model is related to the current crop of large SUVs from the Volkswagen Group. Everything from the Touareg to the Porsche Cayenne and Bentley Bentayga uses the same platform, twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, and accompanying hybrid systems.

That 612hp/800Nm engine is left largely unchanged, but assisting it we have 192hp/483Nm electric motor, bringing its bottom line output to a staggering 800PS and 950Nm. This makes the Urus SE a hair quicker to 100km/h from standstill at 3.4 seconds while its top speed is 312km/h.

Lamborghini hasn’t disclosed exactly how much of a weight penalty this electrification job has had on the Urus nor its expected charge duration, though we expect the SE to be substantially heavier chiefly due to the new 25.9kWh lithium-ion battery found onboard.

Its sheer size and capacity does at least mean some decent zero emissions range: up to 60km of pure electric motoring with a top speed of 130km/h. To help manage power delivery across all four wheels, Lamborghini has fitted it with a mechanical front differential and electronic rear differential.

Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with air springs for adjusting ground clearance, ranging from 15 mm in Corsa mode up to 75 mm as needed. Corsa mode is just one of several driving modes available, including Strade, Sport, and Neve. There are also specific modes for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), such as Hybrid, Recharge, and EV Drive.

Regarding design alterations, a new daytime running light signature encircles the headlamp clusters, now equipped with matrix LED technology. The front and rear bumpers have undergone slight adjustments, while the rear tailgate has been entirely redesigned to incorporate a spoiler, working in tandem with a revised diffuser to generate 35% more downforce at high speeds compared to the Urus S.

Furthermore, enhancements to aerodynamics encompass underbody air vents and revamped air ducts, resulting in a 15% improvement in cooling for mechanical and engine components. The redesigned front section also contributes to a 30% enhancement in brake cooling.

Inside, the vehicle now features dual 12.3-inch displays, with the infotainment system receiving upgrades for enhanced graphics, aligning with the Revuelto. While the majority of the cabin remains familiar, customers still have nearly endless options to personalise their own Urus SE.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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