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Lockdown 3.0: How To Renew Driving License Online In Malaysia

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Lockdown 3.0: How To Renew Driving License Online In Malaysia

We’re now fully in this FMCO, or ‘total lockdown’, so first of all we hope you’re staying safe and staying at home as much as possible. However, we understand that we all need to venture out to stock up on necessities.

When that time comes, don’t forget to wear your face mask at all times when you’re out in public - wear two masks if that floats your boat - and don’t travel beyond 10km from your place of residence. We survived 2020, so this is pretty standard stuff right?

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But what if you realise that your driver’s license or road tax is due for renewal or, worse, has expired?

Very much mirroring our current home-bound lifestyles, we even have certain JPJ services rendered via the internet, referring to MyEG - of course! While the portal isn’t able to replicate all the functions of a government department, there are plenty of commonly used services that have made the online jump.

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For the purposes of this little guide, however, we’ll be focusing on renewing your driver’s license. Personally, I have been using MyEG to re-up my license (and road tax) for many years as it is the easiest and most convenient option, by far. But that was back in the days of a more simple laminated slip.

A few days after the fact, an envelope will arrive in my mailbox with a new pink laminated card that indicated the extended date of validity, and that was it. Since 2018, that process has been  discontinued following the JPJ’s move to using single-piece plastic cards similar to your MyKad IC.

However, since October 2020, online driver’s license renewal has returned to MyEG, though the process now requires a little extra effort on our part. To cut a long story short, you’ll need to provide a picture.


STEP 1: Before we get into that, the first step is to create an account with MyEG if you haven't already done so. Apart from choosing a username and password, you’ll need to provide some other info such as some personal details and contact information.


STEP 2: Once you’re done with setting up your new account and have logged in, select the Road Transport Department icon from the top left of the grid on the Services page.


STEP 3: You’ll be greeted with all the options of MyEG services that have to do with JPJ, including paying summonses, road tax renewal, insurance renewal, and even checking up on the status of your Learners Driving License (LDL) application. Since we’re not concerned with any of those today, we’ll click on the button for Driving License Renewal (CDL).


STEP 4: The next page is where they give you a little briefing on what can potentially go wrong with your application for renewal. Most of it is quite obvious, letting you know to make sure that the information/details you submit are accurate.

Pay attention to the guidelines for the picture you need to upload, though: make sure your face is clearly visible and that you have a white background. Should this criteria not be met, your new license will not be processed/printed/issued. But if you already have a new-type license, you can also choose to re-use the existing photo.


STEP 5: More forms! They even ask you for your email, which is odd since you already used that to create an account and log in. They’ll ask for a delivery address too, which is worth double-checking. Just keep in mind your preferred renewal period as that will impact how much you will need to pay (RM30 for each year).


STEP 6: You’re almost done. Just take note of the differences in delivery charges and delivery times depending on where you live. You’ll be redirected to a payment gateway and once the transaction is complete, your license should be on its way. Be patient, though, as there are ongoing restrictions on movement and business operations.


The good news is that you have technically ‘renewed’ your license, though you are still missing a new physical replacement. Even more, fortunately, is that it has already been announced that those with driving licenses expiring between June 1st and July 31st are eligible for a relaxed renewal window.  And the same goes for owners whose cars have road taxes expiring during that same period.

Should this apply to you, JPJ will accept renewals between August 1st and September 30th.

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