Mercedes-Benz Experimenting With X-ray Technology In Crash Tests

Berita Kereta

Mercedes-Benz Experimenting With X-ray Technology In Crash Tests

The Vehicle Safety unit at Daimler AG, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics and Ernst-Mach-Institut (EMI) are testing the application of x‑ray technology in crash tests. The tests, conducted at the i‑protect Tech Center, Freiburg, ultra-fast x‑ray technology to produce still images of defined areas of the vehicle in razor-sharp quality during a test crash.

The technology allows engineers to look inside safety-relevant components in order to assess their behavior. An additional bonus is that the data from the x‑ray crash can be corroborated with other computer-based simulation models.

This synthesis of data can help to further improve the reliability of crash simulations in forecasting the effects of real‑life crashes.

The interdisciplinary teams are also actively studying the area of alternative restraint concepts – specifically with regard to the highly automated nature of driving in the future.

The fields of science and practical application are jointly investigating which of these new approaches in the areas of interior monitoring and occupant classification are relevant to improving the passive safety of a vehicle.

In the virtual world, muscle-controlled movements mark a major step towards the active use of the digital human body model in place of the dummy in the development of new preventive protection concepts.

The i‑protect Tech Center was established on 21 January 2016 and Daimler AG has been pursuing work within this cooperation platform on sustainable solutions relating to integral safety for the cars of the future. Daimler has also teamed up with major equipment manufacturer Robert Bosch GmbH with regard to furthering these developements.




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