Mercedes-Maybach SUV To Be Built In The USA, Based On Next-Gen GLS

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Mercedes-Maybach SUV To Be Built In The USA, Based On Next-Gen GLS

Mercedes-Maybach is set to introduce its first SUV model. The ultraluxury sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz has only sold limousines sporadically.    

In a news report by the Automotive News, the Mercedes-Maybach SUV, which will be based on the next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLS, would be the most expensive passenger vehicle made in America. Sources say the model is expected to be priced at about US$200,000.

Mercedes-Maybach showcased an ultra-luxury concept last year in the Vision Ultimate Luxury concept, but we do not expect the three-box styling to make it into production as the market is chasing after SUVs and not high-riding sedans.

The manufacturing plant, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is also home to global production of the Mercedes-Benz GLE wagon and coupe, with the next-generation GLS expected to start very soon.

The proposed Mercedes-Maybach SUV will join an expanding list of ultra-luxurious SUVs- Roll Royce’s Cullinan, Bentley’s Bentayga, and soon-to-be-launched Aston Martin’s SUV pair of DBX and Lagonda. The Mercedes-Maybach SUV is expected to go on sale next year.

An SUV model could also help freshen Maybach’s brand. The Mercedes-Maybach S sedan is associated with the older demographics of the high-end market.

Locally, the three-row Mercedes-Benz GLS was sold in very limited quantities in Malaysia due to the nature of its body size and product appeal.

The Mercedes-Maybach S560, built on an extended V222 S-Class platform, is available for sale in Malaysia, priced from RM 1,408,888. It is however not Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's most expensive product, as the Mercedes-AMG GT R holds that title with a price close to RM 1.7 million.

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