Mitsubishi Could Rebadge Renault Models in Southeast Asia

Berita Kereta

Mitsubishi Could Rebadge Renault Models in Southeast Asia

Mitsubishi could be rebadging Renault models in Southeast Asia, riding on the back of Mitsubishi's stronger brand presence in this region, reports Automotive News. Mitsubishi is the newest member of the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Speaking to Autonews, Mitsubishi Chief Operating Officer Trevor Mann said that Renault almost does not exist in Southeast Asia. “If it made sense for Mitsubishi to cross badge a Renault product in Southeast Asia that could be an interesting discussion,” he said.

In Thailand, Mitsubishi has 3 factories that have produced in excess of 3 million vehicles, far more than Renault or Mitsubishi. By tapping into Mitsubishi's expertise, Mann said it could be used to boost Nissan's market share.

An example given by Mann is the Mitsubishi Triton, which is produced in Thailand. He said that Mitsubishi could provide Nissan with the next-generation Navara, which the latter also produces in Thailand. “If you look at our cost performance in that region, we are the benchmark within the alliance. Our cost-base on pickups is better than Nissan's," he added. Mitsubishi's pickup platforms could be used by the alliance for future products.

For those curious, the Tan Chong Group's sister-company Tan Chong Motor Assemblies' plant in Segambut currently assembles the Renault Fluence and Mitsubishi ASX under contract. 

Berita Berkaitan