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Neta S Promises 1,000km EV Range - No More Range Anxiety!

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Neta S Promises 1,000km EV Range - No More Range Anxiety!

1000 kilometres EV range. The Neta S promises that range anxiety will no longer be a concern. 

If there's one imminent fact about electric cars, is that it always comes down to how far one can drive in between charging. EVs that have a lower range tend to trigger what people now are officially calling 'range anxiety', but that might not be the case for the upcoming Neta S.

Neta S - 1000 kilometres of range 

Unveiled at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Auto Show in China, the Neta S is categorised as a sporty-looking NEV (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle) parked under the Hozon Auto flag (Neta is its dedicated EV brand). If you've never heard about Neta, they're currently offering two models in the Chinese local market - V Pro and U Pro.

And they're doing exceptionally well, too. Back in April 2022, they outsold NIO, Tesla (in China), as well as Li Auto. Their strategy? Each model comes with a free charging network that includes a complimentary home charger and around 2,000kWh per year via the Neta charging networks.

neta s ev range extender*Image Credit: Weibo有车

Neta S Variants 

Going back to the Neta S, it is actually based on Hozon's 'Shanhai' platform which offers a multitude of wheelbases for a number of vehicle models. While there are no official dimensions for the Neta S just yet, there are two versions that were introduced. There's the normal EV version, and then there's the EREV range-extender.

Neta claims that the Neta S EV version can travel up to an already impressive 710km (NEDC). The range-extender model is said to go further up to 1,000km (NEDC). Other impressive claimed features include 13 cameras, 12 ultrasonic cameras, a couple of LIDAR sensors, and more.

Should be an interesting piece of kit, if you ask us.

Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

Content Producer

Sep is a firm believer in the saying "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast" rather than "When in doubt, throttle it out". Drive safely, ride defensively, and most importantly, don't get hangry.

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