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OPS SELAMAT: Speed Cameras Deployed To Catch Queue Cutters Too

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OPS SELAMAT: Speed Cameras Deployed To Catch Queue Cutters Too

If you think speed cameras set up in conjunction with the on-going Ops Selamat are just to catch speeding vehicles, you may want to think again.

This time around, traffic police nationwide will be using their speed cameras to bag all who cut queues, abuse the emergency lane and park their vehicles dangerously, reports The Star.

On top of the stationed officers, mobile units of the traffic police force will be out and about at various “accident hotspots” along busy routes this festive season.

The news daily reported quoted federal traffic police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff who said, “This year, we have identified 60 hotspots throughout Malaysia, other than another 53 along major highways such as the North South Expressway and the East Coast Highway.

“On Sunday, we issued 14,438 sum­monses to errant motorists, which is about 2,000 higher compared to the daily average of about 12,000. This is a bad start.”

As per this morning’s report, the authorities have reported up to 74 road-accident deaths occurred in just the first three days since Ops Selamat began operations on the 10th of July, 2015.

We can’t tell you enough folks: please be safe on the road. Be calm, patient, and mindful of other road users on your travels. Everyone has places to be, so let’s all get there safely.

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