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Peugeot Announces Electrified Sports Vehicles To Be Available From 2020

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Peugeot Announces Electrified Sports Vehicles To Be Available From 2020

With Porsche announcing that they're going to make an electric wagon, perhaps it was also fitting that Peugeot has confirmed an electrified sports car lineup that will be made available from 2020. For now, their electrified vehicles are mild hybrids such as the 3008 Hybrid4, the 508 Hybrid variants, recently presented at the Paris Motor Show, but Peugeot is keen on going that extra step further.

But perhaps it's also worth noting that Peugeot has avoiding sports vehicles in general over the last few decades. The fact that they are diving back into this segment now is a double sided challenge, as these cars have to be both fun to drive and low-emissions.

It's said that Peugeot Sport teams will contribute greatly to the development of these models, especially with projected tie-ins with the World Rally Cross championships and a potential electric future, but regardless of the direction World Rally Cross goes, Peugeot will be pushing these models to market.

In the mean time, we'll only have this e-LEGEND concept to look at while Peugeot slowly gets their assets in order and starts to develop bespoke electrified sports cars. Even so, the e-LEGEND is certainly a looker - one that probably won't pass modern crash safety regulations without some serious modifications, but a gorgeous car to look at nonetheless.

The two door coupe concept is driven by two electric motors, one at each end, with a total system output of 456 hp and 800 Nm of torque. It's designed to have both manual and autonomous driving in mind, with an interior that screams minimalist yet well adorned in terms of plush materials and functionality.

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