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Proton And MAI Collaborate To Improve Supplier Competence To Global Standards

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Proton And MAI Collaborate To Improve Supplier Competence To Global Standards

Proton and its network of suppliers will be joining forces with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) to further improve all aspects of the components and parts supplier with the ultimate aim of having a supply chain that meets global standards.  

Both parties today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will pool resources between each other to maximise the utilisation of existing automotive development infrastructures- particularly in the areas of advanced design applications, digital process simulation, and improved validation technology.  

“Upstream automotive activities- the design thinking, engineering applications, and validation technology are key towards any meaningful participation within the automotive industry, especially as we are moving fast towards the fourth industrial revolution”, said CEO of MAI, Dato’ Madani Sahari.

“The MoU today has a significance beyond capacity building, it is the new way forward towards a change of culture and mind-set for the entire automotive value chain. Businesses must re-invent strategies to keep themselves competitive and relevant”, Dato’ Madani added.

The government has also provided a grant of RM4 million to support the collaboration.

Proton’s top 30 suppliers also signed a performance pledge to commit themselves to deliver products with quality and right costing as well as participate in programs and training courses that heighten their capabilities and capacities.

Being a two-way cooperation, Proton also pledged to extend comprehensive support to its suppliers and overall support the Malaysian automotive industry by strengthening the supply chain stability through the upgrading of the suppliers engineering, technology, and quality capabilities.

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