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Spyshots: 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS Reveals Its Shape And Cabin

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Spyshots: 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS Reveals Its Shape And Cabin

Having fully renewed the full range of E-Class bodystyles from sedan to estate, coupe, and convertible, Mercedes-Benz now turns its attention to the E-Class’ four-door coupe derivative, the next-generation CLS that will be built off the W213 platform.

Spy photographers have caught hold of a camouflaged prototype which, whilst heavily disguised, reveals substantial details on the new car’s appearance.

We also get one clear shot of an unmasked interior, which is effectively the same dashboard as seen in the E-Class, with base analog instruments and the E-Class Coupe’s jet turbine-inspired air-con vents.

Up front, we get to see the outlines of the narrow-slit LED headlights. The grille’s actual shape remains obscured, but we can see it follows the same cues as seen in Merc’s coupe models, namely a single horizontal slat flanking out of the large central star surrounded by the trademark fine diamond mesh. Bumper remains heavily covered though.

The familiar silhouette from preceding two generations of the CLS – arguably the model’s selling point – remains preserved. The side mirrors, in accordance to Mercedes coupe design protocol, pops up from the door panel rather than from the base of the A-pillar.

Astern, we also see the outlines of the tail light cluster, revealing to us another interpretation of Merc’s coupe family look of narrow-slit tail lamps with bumper-mounted number plates.

Despite Mercedes’ newly adopted naming practice, the CLS is expected to retain its name and not be re-designated as the CLE in recognition of its proximity in positioning with the E-Class. We reckon that’s wise, since everybody knows what a CLS is, and there is no need to spend precious marketing dollars to promote a new name.

Pictures: Car Pix

Galeri: Spyshot: 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS

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