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Subang Businessman Has Two Luxury Cars Worth RM800k Stolen & Returned In One Day

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Subang Businessman Has Two Luxury Cars Worth RM800k Stolen & Returned In One Day

On June 19, two luxury cars worth approximately RM800,000 belonging to a businessman were stolen from his home in Taman Subang Heights. They were found at a hotel in Klang and retrieved within the same day. 

Cover image courtesy of SJ Echo.

Bernama reports that the missing Audi Q7 and a Bentley Continental GT belonging to Datuk Seri Wong Ing Soon were found on different levels in the same premise in Persiaran Raja Muda, Pandamaran, Klang and are believed to have been taken by a syndicate, according to Subang Jaya District Police chief ACP Yahya Ramli.

He said, "The cars were found on the second and third floor in the building. We do not rule out that the syndicate has a group responsible for stealing and storing the cars. There is also another group whose task is to dispose of the cars such as placing them in containers and exporting them."

ACP Yahya said the suspects entered the owner’s house at around 5am by forcing open a window on the ground floor and taking the keys which were located on the second floor. The CCTV footage of Wong’s house showed two men, while police believe the case to involve four people or more.

After the theft, the cars we detected via Global Positioning System installed in the cars at 6.30am that same morning.

Once the location was determined, a police team was dispatched to monitor the building the cars were kept in for five hours. The syndicate's members, however, did not return to the cars, being seemingly aware of the police presence.

"We decided to take away the cars at 11.30 am, on the same day it was reported missing," said ACP Yahya. 

Here's a video report from The Star. 


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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