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TC Subaru Launches Connex Advanced Telematics For XV And Forester

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TC Subaru Launches Connex Advanced Telematics For XV And Forester

For current owners and buyers of new Subarus, their vehicles have just been given a tech upgrade with the availability of Subaru Connex, as local exclusive distributors TC Subaru Sdn Bhd have just announced.

Following a trial period of 2 years, Connex seeks to deliver greater safety and peace of mind to drivers via a sophisticated security and vehicle telematics system with the support of a 24/7 call centre.

2020 Subaru XV e-Boxer - Japan

“Subaru Connex has come at the right time when safety has become more important than ever. The device further enhances our continuous commitment to safety, giving Subaru drivers something more that they can rely on should they require emergency assistance,” said Mr Eugene Tay, Country Manager, TC Subaru Sdn Bhd.

Connex will be available for buyers of new and existing XVs and Foresters starting from September 10th, 2021, and priced at RM1,900 inclusive of hardware installation, software setup, taxes, and a one-year subscription with every subsequent year being an additional RM360.

Subaru Connex App

Working in a similar vein to Honda Connect, BMW ConnectedDrive, Toyota VTS, or Hyundai Telematics, Subaru’s new system uses a companion smart device application that runs on either Apple’s iOS or Android.

Once paired with the vehicle, users will be able to view relevant information on their vehicle as well as monitor its location at all times - useful in the event of a theft. While on the move, they can also use voice commands to access various features.

Smartphone App

Car Status allows the owner to check up on their Subaru’s battery health, last parked location, ignition status, set speed alerts, and view trip history among other things. Meanwhile, the Smart Alarm feature is able to notify the driver via in-app alerts or email should the status of the car is tampered with.

Speaking of which, a headlining function of Subaru Connex is its automatic accident alert. Upon detecting the vehicle has been in a collision, the system will record the vehicle and relay information on danger assessment to a dedicated call centre, sending roadside assistance if necessary.

Car Flat Tyre

Upon receiving a more serious alert, and in addition to alerting emergency responders, Subaru can establish direct contact with the vehicle occupants via an in-built voice box to ascertain the severity of the situation, assess any medical needs, and even provide guided first aid.

Users can also manually contact the call centre via the bCall button, sending an assistance team to their location. Meanwhile, the SOS service is reserved for emergencies, such as alerting authorities of a witnessed accident that requires medical intervention.

2020 Subaru Forester Advanced - Japan

In the event of the system being disabled or the voice box is damaged, the call centre will immediately call for emergency responders to be dispatched to the vehicles current or last known location. TC Subaru also adds that Connex users will enjoy unlimited towing to their preferred authorised service centre and will cover on-site repair service of up to RM300 (exclusive of labour), and transport reimbursement.

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