The 6.5-metre Long Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pulllman Guard is Equal Parts Luxury and Security

Berita Kereta

The 6.5-metre Long Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pulllman Guard is Equal Parts Luxury and Security

It's 5.6 tonnes when you load it up. Even unloaded, it sits at a hefty 5.1 tonnes. It's the Mercedes-Mayback S 600 Pullman Guard, and it is the latest in the line of Mercedes Guard models, and it's designed to take a beating. Other companies may purport to provide security vehicles, but few are quite as extensive as Mercedes' own in house security division. They've had over 80 years of experience with developing these special models, and those who have worked in the program say that these vehicles are bought back at end of use so that they may not fall into the wrong hands.

While the point of this vehicle is luxury, Mercedes is ultimately more proud that it meets the latest and greatest protection standards. VR4 is more of basic protection against armed robbers and the like, with ballistic resistance up to a large calibre hand gun. This S 600 Pullman Guard sits at VR9, which is the highest level of protection and means it can take assault rifle fire and shrapnel from explosives, with a reinforced floor for IED resistance and the like. 

With protection comes inconvenience. The doors are much heavier, the windows are much thicker, and the rear window has been completely replaced with a steel bulkhead (because lets face it, nobody wants to get shot in the back). But Mercedes has novel solutions to maintain a level of convenience: the windows are hydraulically actuated and the doors are assisted with electric motors to reduce the effort required. A lot of the reinforcement is done from the factory itself, meaning they can be better integrated in the structure of the car. 

As for the Pullman specifically, the name itself has been important for the Mercedes brand and goes back a long way. It sits over 1 metre longer than a regular S Class and can fit 4 occupants at the rear, facing each other. This in turn means it has the largest amount of legroom in class- perfect for diplomats and dignitaries. With that over-5-tonne kerb weight, the S 600 Pullman Guard comes equipped with a 6-litre turbocharged V12 putting out 530 hp. Top speed is limited to 160 km/h, for obvious safety reasons. 

The rest of the luxuries you would expect with a Mercedes-Maybach model are present as well. An electrically raised partition separates the driver's compartment from the rear, along with an electrically raised screen. Extra headroom means ease of movement within the cabin, and large rear doors allow for easy access to seating. The seats offer a great degree of flexibility for passengers to stretch out, and nearly every surface is finished in high quality leather or some kind of treated wood or metal.

The price for all this? 1.4 Million Euros, after 19% VAT.  It's a car that is equal parts luxury and security, and it's definitely a car of choice for those who require ultimate protection from heavily armed threats and the like. It's still largely geared towards authorities to use in official applications, although we're sure if you ask the right people you could probably source one for personal use. Let's just hope you aren't a dictator hell-bent on taking over the world. 




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