The BMW Excellence Club – Open To 7 Series (G12) Owners Only

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The BMW Excellence Club – Open To 7 Series (G12) Owners Only

BMW Group Malaysia has introduced the BMW Excellence Club - an exclusive membership and customer loyalty program which is only open to existing and new owners of the (G12) BMW 7 Series.

The Excellence Club program which complements the BMW WhiteCard Program (exclusive dining, travel, and shopping perks) – enables 7 Series owners to further enjoy tailored concierge programs, bespoke private events, valet services top-tier locations, priority appointments and access to premium hospitality lounges.

Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia, Mr. Han Sang Yun added, “When we introduced the All-New BMW 7 Series Hybrid with eDrive Technology earlier this year, we shared on the idea of the Peak of Living Luxury. This idea centres on experiencing the world of exclusivity with personalized and crafted modern luxury focused on innovation and sophistication beyond Sheer Driving Pleasure."

BMW Malaysia has since organised a series of unique events for their Excellence Club members, including flying seven couples in a helicopter over the Kuala Lumpur skyline at dusk for a dining experience at Mono KL and hosting an ultra-exclusive event with Hugo Boss.

Mr. Han added that BMW and MINI owners, who are entitled to the BMW WhiteCard and BlackCard reward programs respectively, can also look forward to more exciting events in the country in the coming months.




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