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The Toyota Corolla Cross G Variant Is Sold Out And Here's Why!


The Toyota Corolla Cross G Variant Is Sold Out And Here's Why!

Can you believe it, the Toyota Corolla Cross G variant is already sold out!

It's only been a week and a bit since the launch of the Toyota Corolla Cross in Malaysia, and already we've been told that the first batch of the G variant CBU cars (750 units) is sold out.

Are we surprised? Are you surprised? How did it sell out so fast?

Toyota Corolla Cross media drive

Good media reviews

The official media test drive for the much-anticipated SUV was also carried out a week ago, and the general reviews of the car were excellent. Our colleague who went for the drive commended the SUV for having active safety features as standard and praised its fun driving characteristics. He summarised it by saying that the Corolla Cross is "a pretty fun little thing to chuck around. Even at slower speeds".

Toyota Corolla Cross front view

Good price point for a CBU with reasonable amount of goodies

The Corolla Cross G variant is built in Thailand, which means it does not need to add any import duties to its price. Although the base-spec 1.8G A/T doesn't come with all the bells and whistle of the V-spec, it is reasonably equipped. Its price tag of RM124k can also be considered reasonable for a CBU vehicle. Okay, the car is RM6k more than the top-spec Honda HR-V 1.8L RS, but its list of equipment can rival the HR-V with a hit-and-miss on a couple of things such as LED headlights. It does however feel more up to date, unlike the HR-V, which is already seven years old. If you compare the price with the RM144k Mazda CX-30, the Corolla Cross can be considered a bargain.

Toyota Corolla Cross EZ BELI

Toyota's EZ BELI makes it affordable

If you haven't heard about Toyota's magnificent EZ BELI financing plan, then you're missing out because, through this method of vehicle financing, the Toyota Corolla Cross can be had from as low as RM998 a month. If you add an extra RM59 on top of it, your regular servicing is also taken care of.

Toyota Plant Bukit Raja Will Build Toyota Corolla Cross

Sounds good, and worried you have missed out?

No worries, because although the Toyota Corolla Cross G variant is sold out at the moment, you will get a chance to purchase it soon in CKD form (by the end of the year). That's right, the Toyota Corolla Cross will have a CKD version, built-in UMW Toyota's new plant at Bukit Raja. This means that the CKD Corolla Cross G variant will have a lower price tag compared to its CBU sibling, as it takes full advantage of tax incentives set out by the Malaysian government for locally assembled cars. 

Still not convinced of the 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross? Perhaps the first impression video down below will change your mind.


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