Toyota Reveals World-First Flex-Fuel Prius Prototype in Brazil

Berita Kereta

Toyota Reveals World-First Flex-Fuel Prius Prototype in Brazil

The Toyota Prius has long been known to be the vehicle that reduces carbon emissions thanks to its full hybrid system that combines an ultra-efficient petrol engine with a set of powerful motors.

With Toyota challenging itself to reduce vehicle C02 by 90 percent in comparison to 2010 levels, by 2050, the company has revealed a prototype Prius with flex-fuel in Brazil.

Brazil is a country where fuel for automobiles is ethanol, an alcohol that is derived from fermentation of sugarcane. The country is the world’s largest sugarcane ethanol producer and a pioneer in using ethanol as an engine fuel. All petrol sold in Brazil includes a blend of 18 to 27.5 percent ethanol as well as pure ethanol.

Flex-fuel vehicles are vehicles that can run on either petrol or alternative fuels such as pure ethanol. 90 percent of new vehicles sold in Brazil are flex-fuel vehicles. As ethanol is corrosive and absorbs moisture (hygroscopic), fuel delivery components (lines, fuel tank, pumps, injectors etc.) need to be designed to accommodate the usage of this renewable fuel.

In a market size of over 2.0 million new vehicles every year, leading manufacturers will want to adapt their products to suit the local Brazilian markets requirement. The development of the flex-fuel Prius prototype is aimed to popularize flex-fuel hybrid vehicles in Brazil. Data from real-world testing will be used for the commercial roll out of the flex-fuel Prius in the future.

Berita Berkaitan