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Video: BMW 5 Series (G30) Shows Off Autonomous Driving Systems; Teases Interior

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Video: BMW 5 Series (G30) Shows Off Autonomous Driving Systems; Teases Interior

More details continue to emerge ahead of the all-new BMW 5 Series’ upcoming global debut. Internally codenamed G30 by BMW, the new seventh-gen 5er is set to once again fight tooth-and-nail against the similarly new Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213).

Upping its ante in the segment’s technological arm’s rest, BMW is set to bring a whole raft of autonomous driving systems to bear on the new 5er’s rivals, with a newly-released video showcasing two of many features set to be offered in the G30.

First up comes Steering and Lane Control Assistant, a technology first introduced in the G11 7 Series in which the vehicle is able to detect road markings and autonomously apply steering angle to keep it from drifting into another lane.

In the 7 Series as illustrated in the two videos below, the system requires the driver to keep his or her hands on the wheel at all times. The new G30, interestingly, does not seem to impose the same restriction on the driver – the gentleman in the new G30 demo video clearly took his hands off the wheel.

A new feature debuting in the G30 is Crossroads Warning, which monitors errant vehicles exiting from junctions into the path of the car. The system functions as an extension of the vehicle’s autonomous braking system by first pre-conditioning the brakes and then applying full braking force if the driver does not react within a certain amount of time.

Through the video, we also get very minute glimpses of the G30’s cabin as well as a blurred outlook of the vehicle’s exterior shape. Inside shots of the vehicle still show a partially camouflaged cabin, but familiar items such as the steering wheel, free standing screen, and instrument panel from the 7 Series.

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