VIDEO: BMW M2 Spied, Near-Production Prototype Full Walk-Around


VIDEO: BMW M2 Spied, Near-Production Prototype Full Walk-Around

We’re looking forward to the BMW M2, as you might imagine. It’s a small, light, barnstormer coupe from the sportiest (arguably) marque among the German automotive titans. This video gives us our clearest look yet at the as-yet unreleased car. 

It’s a close look at the front and rear end of the car. The German-sourced footage gives us more detail on the angrier front with more imposing air intakes. Interesting too are the wheels, which look identical to the 19-inchers worn by the M4 coupe. Evidently, BMW wants a certain level of visual uniformity within all its M cars.

It’s obviously an F87 M2, referencing judgement from the units we saw testing at the Nurburgring a few months ago. The baby M-car, according to BMW Blog, does pack a wallop from its revised N55 engine, which is numerically similar to powerplant found in the M235i, but reportedly offers up 365hp and 465Nm of torque.

Although this may not get the new S55 lump, the N55 3.0-litre turbocharged engine in the M2 will apparently offer an overboost feature, sending an extra 34Nm of torque for a limited period, a nod to the older BMW 1M Coupe. BMW wants to keep all this under wraps, understandably, and have removed any badging on the exterior of the car as well as having the steering wheel covered before leaving it parked.

We’ll get to lay eyes on the final spec car and find out just how close to the mark it is the educated guesses were during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However, as is usual with these matters, BMW will likely unveil full details online as the show date approaches. 


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