VIDEO: Taxi Drivers Ambush And Attack Uber, GrabCar Vehicles During KLCC Pickup

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VIDEO: Taxi Drivers Ambush And Attack Uber, GrabCar Vehicles During KLCC Pickup

The tensions between factions of disgruntled taxi drivers against ride-sharing app's drivers and users are steadily rising. Most recently, a couple of shocking videos have been making the rounds on social media. 

What looks to be a band of taxi drivers have gathered outside of the Suria KLCC entrance (probably while their own cabs are parked at the taxi stand nearby) are waiting for vehicles from Uber and/or GrabCar to swing by and pickup their fares before striking. In these cases, a Perodua Myvi and an Alza were the victims.


Once such a car has been spotted, they surround it to prevent it from moving, verbally attack the driver, and even vandalize the vehicle – breaking off door mirrors, denting bodywork – all while the passengers are already inside. Like we said, shocking.

We’re not quite sure what to make of all this just yet, and we’ll be interested to know what the Royal Malaysian Police has to say about this deliberate acts of intimidation and violence. In the tail end of the second video, you can clearly see a caucasian man (tourist?) in the background. What a shameful sight at one of our nation's most iconic landmarks. 

One thing is for sure, this might discourage ride-sharing drivers from taking fares, but this further display of unacceptable behavior will very likely not make customers choose taxi cabs willingly.

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Jim Kem

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