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VIDEO: Thieves Smash Through MPV Window In Mosque Parking Lot


VIDEO: Thieves Smash Through MPV Window In Mosque Parking Lot

Lots of things can happen to your car, either when you’re inside or elsewhere. For this unlucky Toyota Estima owner, leaving some valuables visible on the front passenger seat made it prey to some thieves on the prowl. 

The incident took place at a mosque (in Uda, Johor) parking lot during Friday prayers. When the area was empty and the owners inside, the thieves began looking around. There were at least two criminals involved: one doing the searching, and the other seated in the Proton Waja on standby for a quick getaway once the deed was done.

It looked like the thief used a rock or a heavy object of some kind that he threw at the Estima’s window. Upon it breaking, he quickly reached inside and grabbed the item – looks like a purse or something similar.

He then took a few rushed steps toward the Waja, and they both sped away. In hindsight, at least the owner got back his vehicle with relatively minimal damage. Some situations end with vehicles being stolen and their owners never seeing them again. After all, it is much easier than you might think to disable most alarm systems, one demonstration made it look like child's play

Despite your vehicle being parked in a seemingly safe area, the truth is that thieves don’t discriminate and will attempt to break into it no matter where it’s parked. Please don’t leave valuables in your car, and especially don’t tempt fate by carelessly leaving valuables in plain view.

A little while ago, we compiled a guide to the six crimes most commonly afflicting road users. If you need a little refresh on how to keep safe on the roads and the criminals at bay, it's a good place to start. 


Sebentar tadi di masjid uda... Harap next week jumaat dapat lah org ni...

Posted by Ibrahim Mosar on Friday, August 14, 2015


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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