Volkswagen Unveils Its All-New Transporter T6

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Volkswagen Unveils Its All-New Transporter T6

The all-new T6 model in the Volkswagen Transporter van series has been unveiled in Amsterdam with sales to begin later in the year. 

This minivan and its predecessors has been one of the longest-running in VW’s line-up with around 12 million vehicles sold over its 65 year span since the original Type 2 was introduced in 1950. This newest T6 will, of course, be available in many versions to cater to the passenger and commercial market, with a long-wheelbase version available sometime after initial launch.

This newest iteration updates the styling over the T5 with more angular exterior cues and LED head and tail lamps, while the overall boxy shape and silhouette remains largely unchanged. The interior has been through a sprucing up as well to bring it up to parity with the design direction of VW’s other offerings. The 6.6-inch centre-mounted infotainment display being the most immediately apparent feature. Other bits of kit include an electrically operated tailgate, adaptive cruise control, adaptive chassis control, and a new heated windscreen.

Engine options are diesel 2.0-litre in varying levels of tune ranging from 83 hp in the base model to a range-topping 201 hp with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission available as an option. And with a stop-start system included as standard on all models, the T6 achieves economy figures that are on average 15% better than its predecessor.

The T6 will also be offered with a limited edition trim level that is based on the higher-end Multivan Comfortline passenger model. Called “Generation SIX”, it comes with upgrades that include four two-tone paint finish options with matching interior trim elements, 18-inch “Disc” alloy wheels, and a two-tone Alcantara interior.

Priced “on par or slightly lower” than the previous model according to VW, prices will start at approximately RM90,400 for the commercial version and RM117,750 for the Multivan passenger models. 

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