Volvo Recalls 200 All-New XC90s For Faulty Wire Harness

Berita Kereta

Volvo Recalls 200 All-New XC90s For Faulty Wire Harness

Volvo is recalling approximately 200 units of their XC90s of model year 2016. The problem stems from newly discovered issue concerning the electronic wire harness that actuates certain in-car restraints.

The front seat wire harness is the only ones known to harbour this fault. An incorrect assembly have resulted in damaged wire insulation, bringing up a warming message within the instrument cluster asking the driver to bring their car to the workshop.

The most alarming scenario would be the damaged and/or faulty wire harness causing the front seat airbags not deploying or not functioning as intended.

Thankfully, no incidents have been reported concerning this issue and the recall is merely a precautionary measure. XC90 owners can rest assured that there is no risk of the side airbags deploying prematurely because of this.

The majority of the 200 XC90s are located in Volvo’s native Sweden, while the rest are located in various parts of Europe and the United States. Efforts are being made to contact the owners directly to have them to bring their cars to the nearest workshop to rectify the wire harness issue.

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