1,800 JPJ Officers To Be On Patrol For 24-Hour Festive Season Traffic Watch

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1,800 JPJ Officers To Be On Patrol For 24-Hour Festive Season Traffic Watch

During the festive season is when road accident cases typically take a rise, which is why this year there will be around 1,800 Road Transport Department (JPJ) personnel mobilized to monitor accident-prone areas throughout the country.

As Bernama reports, JPJ’s patrols will increase in frequency from the start of the Ramadan month, according to its director-general Ismail Ahmad.

The patrols, he said, would cover the most congested and heavily-travelled routes during the festive seasons, including federal roads, state roads, main roads, as well as highways.

They will monitors road conditions 24-hours a day to ensure traffic is running smoothly and the likelihood of a road accident is reduced as much as possible.

According to the news agency, during an upgrading ceremony for the PSM driving circuit in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu, Ismail Ahmad told reporters, “Previously, we began operations a week before, until a week after Raya, but this year, from the beginning of Ramadan we will start patrolling and monitoring.”

Ismail explained that, along with JPJ’s patrol staff, a total of 1,000 volunteers from the 1JPJ Youth Squad would be on hand to assist the agency in its festive season operations to help create awareness on traffic offenses as well as campaigns on road safety.

“With this initiative we hope that road users who frequently commit offences can be educated, and at the same time reduce the number of accidents,” Ismail said.

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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