2,000 JPJ officers to operate during CNY 2023

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This year's CNY festivities will see the deployment of 2,000 JPJ officers for several operations in the name of road safety.

Malaysia's Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, mentioned that there will be a number of integrated operations taking place throughout the CNY 2023 period. This includes travelling in express buses.

Loke's 'undercover' tactics on express buses

*Image credit: JPJ

Another major part of Loke's plans for these 2,000 JPJ officers to carry out their enforcement duties is discreetly travelling on express buses to ensure that the bus operators are running their business in a safe manner.

The monitoring enforcement will also be carried out at 14 locations along the highways, including over 70 depots and 28 terminals from 18-27 January 2023. This will hopefully reduce the accident statistics which spike during any major public holidays and festivities.

Seven major traffic offences = straight to court

*Image credit: JPJ

Loke also mentioned that there will be a total of seven major traffic offences that will be marked as non-compoundable. This means that if you are caught and fined for any of these offences, it's straight to court instead of just paying the fine.

These offences are:

  • Cutting queues
  • Overtaking on double lines
  • Running through red traffic light
  • Speeding over the limit
  • Not wearing seatbelts (or helmets for bikers)
  • Driving on the emergency lane
  • Using mobile phones while driving

On top of it all, goods vehicles won't be allowed to travel on four separate dates (20,21,24, and 25 January 2023) with the aim to reduce overall traffic congestion across the country.

It's going to be a long weekend with many of us on the road, so do make sure that both you and your vehicles are in great condition before hitting the road. Happy Chinese New Year and stay blessed.


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