2015 Mazda 2 Heads To Thailand With 1.3-litre SkyActiv-G Petrol Engine, Us Too?

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2015 Mazda 2 Heads To Thailand With 1.3-litre SkyActiv-G Petrol Engine, Us Too?

In Malaysia, we’ve only seen the 2015 Mazda 2 SkyActiv offered in its 1.5-litre petrol engine form, despite having a brief test of the car in its diesel configuration only just.

It’s been the same case in Thailand, where we import our Mazda 2 SkyActiv vehicles from, apart from the 1.5-litre diesel SkyActiv-D engine already being offered there.

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Now, it has been teased on the Mazda Thailand website that it will soon be getting a second engine option, in the form of a SkyActiv-G 1.3-litre petrol engine – dates on the teaser point to this new engine variant being introduced come the 24th of March, 2015.

The availability of the SkyActiv-G 1.3-litre petrol engine is no surprise, with Mazda announcing it alongside its other option very much earlier. The unit pushes out a respectable 92PS @ 6,000rpm and 121Nm of torque at 4,000rpm, sent to the front wheels, as always, via the SkyActiv-DRIVE six-speed torque converter automatic.

Again, in Malaysia, we’ve only got the 1.5-litre SkyActiv-G engine option which delivers 114hp and 148Nm of torque. Bermaz Motor has repeatedly teased us with the potential with its diesel engines to one day be launched here, but no fruition has come of it yet. We’ve even driven a bunch of Mazda 2 diesels very recently, with our test drive reports for that coming soon.

Question is, would you like to see a Mazda 2 with a 1.3-litre SkyActiv-G engine offered here?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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