2015 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept Hints At Bigger CC Coming

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2015 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept Hints At Bigger CC Coming

While all initial guesses pointed to this 2015 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept taking shape as the next-gen CC, Volkswagen now tells us that, yes, a production model will come of it, but it will be a bit larger than the CC, and fit for a segment just above it and the Passat, but beneath the flagship Phaeton.

If that’s the case, it’s not that much of a surprise either: when Volkswagen first premiered the all-new B8 Volkswagen Passat, it did say that it was now time to fight off the likes of the BMW 3 Series with it, rather than play second-fiddle to the segment – VW are making global upward strides.

Volkswagen tell us that apart from previewing a future model, the Sport Coupe GTE is also a preview of a future design language from the company: so expect to see these designs spread across the brand’s global range.

Under the hood sits a 3.0-litre TSI six-cylinder petrol engine which on its own, is responsible for 299PS and 500Nm of torque. Factor in the forces made by the two electric motors (one embedded in the DSG up front, another on the rear axle) and its power source, a lithium-ion traction battery nestled into the centre tunnel, and total system output for the plug-in hybrid is a claimed 380PS.

A century sprint is sorted in 5.0 seconds, while the electric details include a full EV range of 50km, and a total range over a single tank is expected to be in the 1,200km region: claimed consumption is just 2.0-litres/100km.

Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design of the Volkswagen Brand, says, "The Sport Coupé GTE Concept is another milestone of expressive design. Unmistakably reinvented, from the first to the last stroke. A stylistic compass. In this concept car, Volkswagen is not only presenting the new design of a new model, but also initial glimpses of a new design era."

Based on the brand’s modular MQB platform, other tech highlights of the GTE include a showcase of a new Active Info Display: replacing a conventional instrument cluster, a 12.3-inch 3D display screen is one of five digital displays in the concept here.

The other four displays are for the infotainment system: one sits up front, with another three reserved for rear passengers – yes, this is a four-door coupe: one even with a large boot, as Volkswagen seems to be quite proud of.

Gallery: 2015 Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept

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