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2017 BMW 5 Series (G30) To Put Remote 3D View Into Your Phone

Kon August 27, 2016 09:45

The 2017 BMW 5 Series is set to have its global premiere later this year, widely expected to take place at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October.

Ahead of its launch, BMW has teased a nifty little feature that combines the existing 360-degree camera feature already available in the G11/G12 7 Series and allows users to view the car’s surrounding remotely on his or her mobile phone.

In the current 7 Series, the 360-degree camera is built with a powerful graphics engine that is able to generate high resolution projections of the vehicles surrounding from multiple perspectives. In the 5 Series, BMW appears to allow that feature to be accessed from one’s phone, presumably through its ConnectedDrive app.

No further details have been disclosed on this feature other it being officially called ‘Remote View 3D’.

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