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2016 Renault Megane Revealed Ahead Of Frankfurt

Jim Kem September 8, 2015 11:52

Following a leak of their all-new 2016 Megane, French automaker Renault has pulled the trigger to officially unveil the car ahead of its scheduled debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show next week. 

Renault is clearly moving to their new corporate design language that we first saw grace their new Talisman sedan, and the Megane gains the new styling cues to give it a more mature overall look that is in line with the new car’s intended more premium placing.

The 2016 Megane sits 25mm lower than the outgoing model as well as 28mm longer with shorter overhangs, making for a potentially roomier interior.

In the new sportier 2016 Renault Megane GT variant, which Renault will make available immediately from launch, there’s a new front bumper design that is fitted to express a more sporting personality combined with a new honeycomb design front grille.

Around the rear of the GT there are dual chromed tailpipes, a spoiler that’s “inspired by the world of F1” and a ‘Renault Sport’ badge to accompany the ones on the wings and front of the car. The GT also receives a new RS-developed 18-inch aluminium wheels.


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