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Is This The 2017 Ford Mondeo Facelift?

Gerard August 17, 2015 09:05

Based on this low-res image, you are possibly looking at the 2017 Ford Fusion, which was spotted in an official Ford document recently and picked up by Autoblog.

Better known to us as the Ford Mondeo in Malaysia that made its debut in May, the car seen in the image receives a few styling tweaks from its predecessor with a new front fascia featuring a stretched grille as well as shapelier headlamps. The bottom corners see new angular blades which could house daytime running lights.

With just this sole image, we can see that the car’s sides appear relatively unchanged but with no angle of the rear, we’ll have to wait for Ford to reveal the changes they have done to its rear. 

How do you like the way the new Ford Fusion (aka Mondeo) looks?

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