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2017 Toyota Fortuner Gets EEV Status – Prices Down RM12k – RM16k

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2017 Toyota Fortuner Gets EEV Status – Prices Down RM12k – RM16k

The Toyota Fortuner has been granted Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) status from the Malaysian Government, qualifying it for incentives that sees prices of both variants reduced from RM11,500 to RM16,100 effective immediately.

Beginning from today, the Fortuner hits the road with insurance in Peninsular Malaysia at the following prices:

Launched locally in May 2017, the Fortuner is an all-new model developed from Toyota’s second-generation IMV platform that also underpins the new Hilux and Innova.

Being a relatively new model, the Fortuner goes into 2017 with its specifications unchanged. Its new structure and enhanced safety features brought it a rating of five stars from ASEAN NCAP.

The 2.4-litre 2GD diesel engine is the same unit as seen in the new Hilux, pushing out a healthy 150PS and 400Nm. The 2.7-litre petrol engine, meanwhile, is a carryover unit from the predecessor, being rated at 166PS and 145Nm.

Both engines are paired with a new 6-speed automatic transmission which would undoubtedly have contributed significantly to improved fuel economy over its predecessor. 

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