2020 Honda City vs 2020 Toyota Vios

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2020 Honda City vs 2020 Toyota Vios

Ahhh, the age-old battle between the Honda City and Toyota Vios. Which is value for money? Which has more space? Who'd win a drag race? Which is better looking?

Comparison between Honda City and Toyota Vios

These are just some of the questions that people ask when comparing the two, so we thought we would try to answer them as straight forward as possible.

To standardise it, we would be comparing the highest specification of both cars, so that means the 2020 Honda City (1.5L V) vs 2020 Toyota Vios (1.5G (AT).

Throughout the article, the pictures on the left will be of the City while the right will be of the Vios. 

2020 Honda City VS Toyota ViosWhich is better looking?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so this is a subjective matter really. In our opinion however, the City has more of this serious grown-up sophisticated look going for it while the Vios has got that sporty look that youths like. Perhaps the conclusion of how the Vios looks is heavily influenced by the Gazoo Racing Series, so if that was what Toyota wanted to achieve through the Malaysian Gazoo Racing Series, then mission accomplished.


2020 Honda City VS Toyota Vios InteriorWhich has a better interior?

Honda has followed through that sophisticated feel of the car all the way into the interior and it feels very grown-up inside. The Vios on the other hand feels playful.  Honda is also very good at making a lot of space out of small cabins, so the CIty's interior space is better than the Vios but it does feel like the Vios's build quality is slightly better. The fit and finish of the Vios just feels solid, a quality that gives off a vibe that it would last forever and stand the harshest of treatments.


Vios VS City engineWho'd win in a drag race?                            

 Features  Honda City  Toyota Vios
 Hp  121  106
 Torque  145Nm@4,600rpm  140Nm@4,200rpm
 Transmission  CVT  CVT w 7-speed Sport Sequential Shiftmatic   
 Kerb Weight  1,125kg     1,145kg

It's just too close to call but we've got to give this one to the Vios but only because its CVT can transform into a 7 speed sequential. If someone behind the wheel can shift at the right time, then surely the Vios can surge ahead but not by a lot. If you take them beyond straight-line speed, we would say that the Honda chassis is much better and provides better ride and handling. Saying that, Toyota has worked very hard in improving the Vios and it shows as it is composed and can take the corners as well as the City.

Vios VS CIty safetyWhich has better safety equipment?

Safety Equipment  Honda City Toyota Vios
Airbags 6 7
Stability Control Yes Yes
Anti-lock brake Yes Yes
Extra ESS, G-CON, ESS, ISOFIX  Blind spot monitor, Front & Rear DVR, ISOFIX 

As far as basic safety goes, both cars have more than adequate safety features, but if you delve deeper, the Vios does offer more such as rear DVR and an extra airbag.

Price & Conclusion

Honda City 1.5L V : RM87k

Toyota Vios 1.5G (AT): RM86k

When it comes to price, there is not much in it either, because when it comes to hire purchase monthly payments, it makes a negligible difference. To say one is better than the other would be wrong because it's all about what you look for in a car. If you want something a bit more sophisticated, go for the City and if you want something that is a bit more sporty looking, go for the Vios. There's a reason why the Vios has it's own racing series, because it's all about that sporty persona.


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