2023 Honda Civic FL5 Type R - Made In Japan Now

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2023 Honda Civic FL5 Type R - Made In Japan Now

Jason from HondaPro Jason gives the world some good insight about the new 2023 Honda Civic FL5 Type R, including the fact that it will be manufactured in its spiritual home of Japan!

As promised by Honda Motor Co., Ltd, they globally unveiled the new generation 2023 Honda Civic Type R on the 21st of July, 2022. Most of us had to view it online, but some Americans and Europeans were lucky enough to see it up close and personal as Honda exhibited the car in selected countries.

2023 Honda Civic Type R

While it was met with fanfare, many fans were annoyed with the premier as Honda left out many vital details, including crucial information such as performance figures.

However, this didn't stop many American Youtubers from dissecting the FL5 Type R in detail, as they were one of the first people on earth to physically see the car in front of their very eyes.

Honda Pro Jason

American Youtuber, HondaPro Jason who dedicates his channel to the ins and outs of Honda cars, pointed out some very interesting things about the new FL5 Civic Type R. 

While we covered what we could from online information, there's nothing like seeing the car for yourself, where you can pick out certain peculiar things about the racier version of the Civic.

2022 Honda Civic FL5 Type R - It's a wide girl

2023 Honda Civic wide body

Based on the current-generation Honda Civic, we all know by now that the 2023 Honda Civic Type R carries a more 'matured' facade. What we can't tell however is how wide it is. 

Jason starts by saying how concave the hood is and how nicely it works its way "into the massively wide fenders". Looking at the fender from a different angle, seeing it on screen, the difference between the width of the regular Civic and the Type R becomes quite obvious. Jason also mentions that the wide fender and the side skirt are a one-piece body kit.

The intake grilles are huge - FL5 Type R

2023 Honda Civic air intake grille

Compared to the previous generation Honda Civic Type R, the intake grilles are much larger in the current gen Type R. 

Both the upper and lower air intake grille is larger, and judging by Jason's crude calculations, it could be up to 30% larger. As a result, "a lot more air will go into the radiator and hopefully keep the engine cooler".

The hood vent has two functions on the 2023 Type R

2023 Honda Civic Type R Intake Grille

The hood vent on the FK8 was meant to help vent out hot air, but the hood vent in the FL5 can vent out "a lot of hot air" as well as take in cooler air. Size matters? 

New turbo and a peculiar-looking thing at the intake system

2023 Honda Civic Type R engine

We all know that the 2023 Honda Civic FL5 Type R is the most powerful Honda Civic Type R to ever come out of the factory, and one of the reasons for this is due to the new turbocharger unit. 

While Jason mentioned that the turbo is a new piece of hardware, he also noticed this peculiar-looking boxed shape hardware baked into the intake system. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what it is, and we'll probably only find out when Honda unveils its performance figures later on. 

The Honda Civic Type R will now be built in Japan!

Honda Civic Type R factory Japan

One of the biggest revelations from Jason's walkaround video is that he noticed that the 2023 Honda Civic Type R was built in Japan. 

In the video, Jason pointed out its VIN on the windscreen, which clearly showed the alphabet J in front of the other alphabets and numbers. According to Jason, this is a clear indication that the Honda Civic Type R will be made in Japan. For the first time in 20 years, all Civic Type Rs will be built in Japan instead of Swindon, England.

Parts of the rear end feel like they were inspired by Mugen and Spoon parts

2023 Honda Civic Type R spoiler and bumper

Jason reckons that the best aftermarket kits inspired the rear spoiler and bumper of the new Honda Civic. 

He said the bumper reminded him of the Spoon bumper, and the spoiler reminded him of the ones created by Mugen. "It feels like Honda literally took the best of aftermarket parts and slapped them on the car".

Jason ended the video by saying that no one knows its price, power, and suspension setup, but it'll all be revealed soon as the premier is pretty much about getting a first feel and impression of the car.

Honda, why do you do this to us? Just kiss and tell already.


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