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300 Workers Lose Their Jobs At Naza Automotive Manufacturing

Gerard August 28, 2015 09:12

Naza Automotive Manufacturing (NAM) laid off 300 workers from its assembly plant in Gurun, Kedah recently. According to a report by The Malaysian Insider, the affected employees were given a farewell party which was attended by NAM chief operations officer Roslan Abd Ghani, where they also received their termination letters.

Of the 300 who lost their jobs at NAM Sdn Bhd, 225 were staff members, while 30 are from the NAM Committee. The remainder who lost their jobs were administration staff.

Since 2004, NAM has served as one of the car manufacturing companies under the Naza Group which, up till recently, had a workforce numbering 1,000. The company is involved in the assembly of Peugeot and Kia cars for the Malaysian and international market.

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