62 Toll Plazas To Support RFID Starting January 1st, 2020

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62 Toll Plazas To Support RFID Starting January 1st, 2020

Starting January 1st, 2020, a total of 62 toll plazas over 24 highways will have RFID-enabled lanes enabled, allowing road users to pay using their Touch n’Go eWallet accounts.

According to Bernama, the Works Ministry announced this move as an important one toward a “multi-lane free-flow system”, improving the efficiency and experience of highway users throughout the country.

Motorists of class one vehicles will, from January 1st, have additional payment and pass-through options on highways such as the KESAS Expressway, Kajang Silk Expressway, and the Butterworth Ring Road.

Certain toll plazas along the North-South Expressway will also have RFID lanes opened, including: Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (Johor Bahru), Kempas and Senai (Johor), and Jitra (Kedah). 

“The test run for the RFID has been conducted at selected toll plazas since 2018 and received positive response from motorists. To date, the number of RFID users has exceeded 830,000,” the statement reads. 

That “test run” has been ongoing since September 2018 and has gathered a mostly positive response from motorists despite the relatively limited number of toll plazas that support it - mostly confined to within the Klang Valley. 

Within the coming months and years, we can expect a much wider adoption of toll plazas opening their lanes to RFID users, smoothening the highway experience above where it stands currently with SmarTAG and physical Touch n’Go cards as their use on highways get phased out. 

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