A legacy continues: Third generation Volkswagen Tiguan to grace your home in 2024 - all new features and techs for you to play with

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A legacy continues: Third generation Volkswagen Tiguan to grace your home in 2024 - all new features and techs for you to play with

The eagerly awaited third generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan has made its global debut, marking a significant milestone for this iconic model- one of the global bestselling model, with 7.6 million units sold since its debut in 2007. The revamped and updated compact SUV is set for release in Germany, with sales anticipated to start as early as the first quarter of 2024. This timeline hints at a potential arrival in Malaysia hopefully around middle of the year (fingers crossed).

Platform innovation

The new Tiguan is set to redefine the compact SUV segment. At the core of it, lies the innovative Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB evo) platform, showing Volkswagen's commitment to making high-tech advancements accessible to a wider audience. This platform supports the introduction of features like the DCC Pro and new hybrid drives.

Diverse range of drives

Thanks to the MQB evo platform, the Tiguan will offer an array of drive options, including turbo diesel engines (TDI), turbo gasoline engines (TSI), mild hybrid turbo gasoline engines (eTSI), and plug-in hybrid systems (eHybrid). Automatic transmission (DSG) will be standard for plug-in hybrid models, allowing for seamless gear shifting through a user-friendly interface.

Hybrid efficiency & charging capabilities

Talking about hybrid, the Tiguan's advanced hybrid drives has an EV-only range of approximately 100 kilometers, marking a significant step towards efficiency. Furthermore, all eHybrid versions offers improved charging options, including faster AC and standard DC charging, meeting the demand for convenient electric vehicles - showcasing Volkswagen's commitment to environmentally-friendly transportation solutions.

Futuristic cockpit and infotainment system revamp

Inside the Tiguan, a complete redesign introduces premium and futuristic concept. The introduction of the Digital Cockpit boasts a clean and intelligent design including an up to 15 inch infotainment screen, an innovative head-up display, a multifunction driving experience switch with OLED display and the IDA voice assistant further enhances the in-car experience.

Other features and lighting technology

Derived from the premium Touareg model, the Tiguan introduces a range of advanced features with the inclusion of a pneumatic massage function for the front seats - a level of luxury usually found in high-end vehicles. Additionally, the IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights, debuts in the Tiguan. With 38,400 multipixel LEDs per headlight, offering higher resolution of light sources, improving visibility and safety during night driving.

Dynamic performance & handling

The Tiguan's performance gets a big upgrade with the new adaptice chassis control DCC Pro system. It makes sure the ride is smooth and the handling is just right, giving you a personalized driving feel. With the help of special shock absorbers, the Tiguan can handle different driving situations easily. Plus, the Vehicle Dynamics Manager fine-tunes things like the electronic locks and shock absorbers - this helps the Tiguan be even more stable and agile when taking corners.

Assist systems 

The Tiguan is packed with standard convenience and assist systems, including Side Assist, Front Assist, Lane Assist, and Rear View. Optional features like Park Assist Pro with remote parking capability and Trailer Assist enhances the driving experience.

With a growing legacy, the Tiguan's third generation is sure to set a new standards in design, technology, and efficiency. Scheduled for release in early 2024, it represents Volkswagen's dedication to excellence in automotive engineering. The new Tiguan not only builds on its past successes but also sets a new benchmark for compact SUVs.

Muhammad Syahnaz

Muhammad Syahnaz

Junior Content Writer

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