AD: 5 Things We Love About The All-New BMW X3


AD: 5 Things We Love About The All-New BMW X3

With the launch of the all-new BMW X3, the mid-sized luxury SUV market has a fierce new competitor. There are many reasons to love the BMW X3, and here are our top five picks.

The Powertrain

At launch, the BMW X3 is offered in one powertrain specification – the xDrive30i. Our experience with the TwinPower Turbo 2.0-litre engine in its 252 hp, 350 Nm state of tune gives us confidence that the X3 will be no slouch. Paired with the highly effective xDrive all-wheel drive system, which is similar in technology to the BMW 740Le xDrive Hybrid with eDrive Technology, and you have a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of car.

The Looks

In a time when car design is becoming more convoluted and exaggerated by the generation, it’s great to see that the X3 maintains those same Sport Activity Vehicle proportions that BMW is known for. While various elements and design cues from their most current model line-up have been integrated with the X3, they don’t feel out of place at all.

The Interior

When the first luxury off-road vehicles were introduced, people scoffed at the idea of marrying high-end materials with the rigours of venturing off the beaten path. But after three generations and countless different Sport Activity Vehicles in various sizes, BMW has proven that it is very much possible, and the X3 is no exception. With high-end leather and wood trim, the Sensatec dashboard liner and the large central touch screen, you’ll never forget that you’re in a luxury car.

The Technology

BMW ConnectedDrive. Parking Assistant. BMW HiFi with 12-speaker Professional Audio System. When it comes to equipment, the BMW X3 does not leave you wanting. It also helps to remember that as the X3 is locally assembled from launch, you won’t have to wait and see the equipment differences between fully-imported and locally-assembled models (with locally-assembled usually coming with more kit for the money). Let’s not forget that the BMW X3 also has the Concierge Services for the ConnectedDrive package, which comes as standard across the BMW model range. Rather than having to fiddle with your phone to find a gas station or convenience store, you simply call your “personal assistant” using the Concierge Services and have them automatically set your route for you with the navigation system. In addition to this, the Intelligent Emergency Call feature enables drivers to reach their nearest rescue coordination centres via a BMW Call Centre whenever needed, or automatically in the event of an accident.

The Price

RM 320,000 is what BMW Malaysia estimates the price to be, and if it comes to that it would make the BMW X3 extremely competitive within its class. This is far from an entry level model given the powertrain and equipment list, and gives you a great deal of equipment for the money.

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