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Ageing current-gen Honda CR-V on the rise again despite being on Its last legs!

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Ageing current-gen Honda CR-V on the rise again despite being on Its last legs!

The current generation Honda CR-V is approaching the end of its lifecycle, but it just proved that it can still put up a fight when it comes to sales, despite being one of the oldest SUVs in its class.

With the all-new generation model already launched in Thailand and seen in camouflage testing on our shores, it's a surprise to see that the Honda CR-V has clawed its way up on the sales chart.

2023 Honda CR-V

As part of an effective sales strategy, Honda Malaysia's dealers are offering attractive promotions worth RM 8,000 for the outgoing CR-V model. This provides an excellent opportunity for bargain hunters who don't mind opting for the previous generation and want to avoid long waiting periods for newer, more popular models.

The success of these promotions is evident, as the Honda CR-V has recently surpassed the Proton X70 to secure the second spot in Malaysia's C-SUV sales ranking for July 2023, with the Toyota Corolla Cross leading the pack.

2023 Proton X70 August promotion

Despite the close competition between the Proton X70 and Honda CR-V in terms of sales figures, it's important to note that the promotions targeted different consumer segments due to significant price gaps. The Proton X70 is priced between RM 98,800 and RM 123,800, while the Honda CR-V ranges from RM 146,900 to RM 171,400.

Consumers' preferences seem to be primarily influenced by the vehicle's price and offerings rather than the traditional vehicle segments. While the Proton X70 may appeal to those seeking a great value proposition, the Honda CR-V stands out in its own class, presenting buyers with a harmonious blend of functionality, ample interior space, fuel efficiency, and robust resale value as part of its standout features.

2023 Honda CR-V interior room

Though the Mazda CX-5 presents a worthy competitor for the CR-V with its upscale interior and superior ride and handling, it can't match the Honda's good cargo capacity and generous legroom, making it the standout choice for those prioritising overall versatility.

Seems like Proton has taken a cue from Honda's successful strategy, as they are now offering a generous RM 7,000 worth of promotions for the Proton X70 throughout the month of August, making it even a better-valued SUV than before.

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