All-New Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Is The Ultimate S-Class

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All-New Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Is The Ultimate S-Class

For when the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class doesn’t cut the cake for you, meet the all-new Mercedes-Maybach Pullman: the pinnacle of the brand’s high-end automotive luxury offerings.

Bound for a full debut at the coming Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-Maybach is showing off a few tricks of its latest and greatest luxury limousine with a few specifications about it.

First of all, this behemoth of a limousine stretches 1,053mm longer the new Maybach S-Class (6,499mm) and has a wheelbase that’s as long as your average C-segment sedan (4,418mm). To give you an idea of how much room is in there, Daimler tells us that the limo is also 100mm taller than your ordinary, not-so-ordinary, S-Class.

Two executive lounge-like seats are available for what we imagine might be the most demanding VVIPs, while two more passengers, presumably bodyguards, may occupy the pull-down seats opposing their high-value personnel. Of course, if the VVVVVVIPs don’t want the company and favour the space, Maybach will do you a limo with just the two seats.

Everything is of course largely electrically-operated, including the cabin partition and the 18-5-inch monitor that’s located in front of the partition, while a choice of two Burmeister sound systems are available, the richer of which being the Burmeister High-End 3D Surround Sound System.

Last, and certainly least in this arrangement, the driver, will have a 6.0-litre V12 biturbo Mercedes engine at his disposal, offering a generous 530hp and 830Nm of torque from 1,900rpm.

2016 is when the first customers are expected to take deliveries of their vehicles, which will have a priced that starts from around 500,000 euros (RM2.05mil when directly converted, if you’re wondering), and an abundance of individualisation options available, including an armoured variant.

Chris Aaron

Chris Aaron

Chris finds equal pleasures in reviewing fast cars as much as the everyday workhorses. He maintains a passion for European makes, Formula 1, playing the electric guitar and spending endless hours on the PlayStation; first-person shooters and the Gran Turismo franchise remain favourites. He also finds it strange to have written this in the third person.



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